Monday, December 15, 2014

Concert knitting

This is a wonderful time of year for choral concerts, have you noticed?  There's nothing so festive as Christmas music sung by a massed choir, except maybe when the conductor invites the audience to join in.

The trouble is: you can't always knit at a Christmas concert, and you can't always break from knitting this close to the big day.  So I was pretty happy to be at a concert this weekend of beautifully sung Christmas music performed in a church that is gorgeous, has great acoustics, and, erm, stays well lit throughout the programme.  I've been to this one twice now, and I think it needs to become a December tradition, especially if the crazy knitting schedule stays one too.

At one point the guest host had everybody up and down in their seats contributing in turns to The Twelve Days of Christmas, but she obligingly forgot to assign our little section any of the Days.  Think she knew I was frantically trying to knit a whole pair of socks in just one weekend?  With eyes fixed firmly on the musicians of course, and regular breaks for applause.

Thanks to her, I was finished the heel turn of the second sock by Sunday morning, having left the first sock off at the toe.

If these socks look familiar, you must be here regularly.  I knit a pair for my cousin last year, late, and e-mailed her pictures of their progress over several days after Christmas.  Then I had a little trouble with Toffee before I mailed them off.

This is the left over yarn, and thank goodness I didn't knit anything for me with it because Carol is off home to Scotland for Christmas and has been shopping for something warm to wear while lazing around at her parents' place.  I haven't knit socks for Carol in ages, and she was due.

Thank goodness too for DK weight wool!  DK socks are super fast even if you're not knitting for somebody with fairly small feet.  The stripes on this pair even matched up beautifully.  Check it out:

Bit funny at the heel:

And right back to matchy for the foot.  I couldn't be happier.  (especially since I also finished Jan's socks at long last.  Those are sport weight, and took a lot more effort.)

There we are: ready to wrap.

But that's another story.

Hope you had a super productive weekend too and that the week starts off in good shape!  See you tomorrow.

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