Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Preparing for winter

With Christmas and (mostly) 'flu out of the way: it's time to prepare for Winter.  With spinning!

I don't know about you, but in these few remaining days where I don't have to be off running around outside on somebody else's schedule, I'm trying to be really practical about January. 

I know I'm going to need a backup superwarm hat, because sometimes your primary hat gets really wet after a snowstorm, and because you can get so, so tired of wearing the same hat every day by the time you hit February.  I haven't been able to shake the memory of a really pretty orange wool hat I saw somebody wearing last winter, so it was obviously time to spin this orange wool.

Bonus: I have orange gloves.

This is one of those petty things, where I like to be matchy.  The orange gloves are just thin leather suede, lined with silk - not at all warm enough for a cold day - but they are perfect for driving.  My hands don't slip on the wheel, and the silk is all the insulation you need from the vinyl that's icy from sitting out all all day or night without the heater on.  And when I'm going from A to B after I've parked: pockets.

Still: a hat and gloves do not a warm girl make.  What I need to finish this off is some sort of scarf or neckwarmer with orange in it. 

Oh, look!

HA.  And this is why it's worth knitting or weaving things that don't match anything you own.  Eventually, it will pay off, especially if you finally get around to trimming some fringe, ahem.

But first I have to knit that hat.

What warm things are you planning for keeping toasty this winter?


Su said...

Bonus, the orange will cheer you up and in the depths of February, that's important.

Mary Keenan said...

SO important Su ;^)

Unknown said...

I made felted clogs for everyone, including me, for Christmas. Double soles is the trick. You never feel the cold floor! The sole is worked first.

Mary Keenan said...

Karen - LOVE the idea of the double soles! There is no greater enemy to Cosy than cold feet at home :^)

Laurinda said...

Su is so right about the color- so cheerful! I may have to investigate these clogs, I hate having to constantly pull up the backs of shoes
I have a pair of gloves that I started knitting last spring, then got totally bored of. One more quick knit gift, & I can back to those super-bright gloves. Bonus- I bought enough of that yarn to make a matching hat & woven scarf!

Erika said...

Lovely!! I love orange, such a happy color :)

Mary Keenan said...

Bright gloves sound awesome Laurinda! And Erika - I am so excited to have an orange hat. Just hope I have enough yarn, Mary said, biting her nails...