Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking for a new year

Yesterday, I had this sudden enticing image of what life could be like and I could hardly contain the WOW!

The next moment, it was gone, so I have no idea how to make it happen.  But I can tell you it was very clean and clear and shiny. 

It was not full of having to walk around a ton of furniture-related obstacles to get to the phone.  It may also not have included the distraction of a million little things - just one or two very big exciting important things.

I am pretty sure I was looking at a blog when the Eureka moment struck.  Does this happen to you?  See a photograph and wish you lived in it, to the exclusion of all the less pretty things that are certainly off beyond the boundaries of the frame?  Or look at somebody else on the subway and think: if I had that person's life right now, I would have no attachment to anything in it - I could walk away from all of my Stuff, and weed out the excess of her Stuff, and be instantly streamlined.

(of course, I like all of my Stuff, and also, all of my People, so even if it would not be terribly inconvenient to the other person I would not actually want to do this.  I think it's yet another manifestation of how very much I would like to have more Space.)

Now, it is true that very soon - not soon enough because it turns out bathroom renovations take approximately forever plus 11 days - I will be moving to a bigger space and have the opportunity/excuse to put some of the Stuff into storage.  And then afterward, I will be moving to an even bigger space than that, so probably I would have to mess up very very badly not to be able to use 2015 to replicate the life that revealed itself in that fleeting glimpse.

Wouldn't that be amazing?

A whole fresh start?

With maybe a baking oven in it?

(well, maybe not the baking oven because $$$.  still!  freshness and light!)


Every December after the dust settles, I commit myself to a goal for the coming year.  Last year - and I'm not even going to look this up, because I know I blew it - I wanted to work through a ton of yarn stash.  I might even have wanted to spin all my fiber, which I did do, but then replaced with more, so Bleah.  Not going there.  I made lots of nice things and got overwhelmed and stopped even uploading new projects to Ravelry so I have no idea what they were, even.

What I did right: I committed to knitting a tea cosy for my coffee-shaped pot.  And I did, and I call it the Boyfriend Sweater, and I love it and my pot wears it constantly and it feels fantastic under my hand.  So yay, go Me!

This year:  I want to have that life I saw in my vision..

I want to knit charming things without pressure.

I want to wear charming things I have knit.

I want to have a charmingly small amount of yarn I don't trip over, ever.

Also: I want to take the next two days off from Hugs, put my house back together so I am totally ready for Back To Everything on January 5, and work on my novel.

So: Happy New Year in advance!

What will your goals be for this year?


Su said...

My goals ( definitely NOT resolutions) are to reduce my stash and get my house into some sort if order!
All the best for the new year and I look forward to more from 'hugs', it's something I look forward to every day, so thank you.

Mary Keenan said...

Aw, thanks Su!