Monday, January 5, 2015

New start

Hello there and welcome to the first 2015 post at Hugs For Your Head!

I won't say I can't believe it's January already, because that month comes up with astonishing regularity, but I will say I am delighted to be greeting it with not one but two new handknit hats, plus a new-to-circulation scarf, and a pair of shearling mitts for the day when I finally get to walk where I'm going downtown, instead of driving.  More on that stuff later in the week though.

For today:  Yay! It's January! and the start of a whole new year plus the continuation of another pair of unfinished and overdue socks.

Of course we we all hope each new year will be clean and fresh and free of tragedy but I made it to about 3am on January 2 before learning of the death of somebody for whom everybody in my circle had been praying hard for months.  She left an adoring husband as well as two young sons, one just a toddler, and I am trying to take this as a reminder to live every day to the fullest and not just be angry at cancer.  (I'm still really, really angry at cancer though.)

Things I am not angry about: in May I will be traveling to St. John's, Newfoundland for a week's holiday because all holidays should include enough chill factor for handknits.  On the flip side of chilly, I am also trying to wrangle a trip to Chicago in July, if only to miss Canada Day at the cottage.  I know this sounds unpatriotic but it's actually an attempt to thwart the bloodsucking insects at the lake... by the second week of July, they are usually being eaten in turn by dragonflies, and I'd like to skip the whole Mary As Lunch period of the summer.  And Chicago has some great architecture, not to mention fine popcorn.

(still: two trips while undertaking renovations?  this sounds very irresponsible and therefore not at all like me.)

Of course by the time all that stuff rolls around, these socks should be long since done.  We live in hope.

They are matching up nicely in the leg, don't you think?

There is something very important about good socks in winter.  Around New Year's, I had a 'happy!' text from Bob with a picture attached of the socks I knit him a while back, posed on his feet and propped up on an ottoman in front of a Christmas tree.  Handknit socks are the sort of gift that go on being loved... and you gotta admire how a picture of them is always a subtle yet effective reminder that another pair would be appreciated.  (It's been a few years now since I knit that pair, I am pretty sure.)

Anyway: it would be a very good thing if I could get Ferdinand and his friend done and given over to the male who requested them.  The trouble with socks for men is that all the sock-receptive men I know lean toward the kind that are not baggy and do not fall down, and ribbed socks don't just take longer - they look so weird in pictures!

Seriously, seriously weird.

That very pale green heel doesn't help, either... h'mmm.  Might have to rethink these contrasting heels and toes another time.

Okay, time for me to head off into some seasonally gross weather for our first day back into routine, all the while trying to be in the moment and enjoy every hour.  Hope your day is good and that mine is too, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you, my friend! Your plans sound lovely, and I'm looking forward to (some day) seeing your new digs! xoxo

Mary Keenan said...

Happy new year to you too Karen! and yes, SOON, Mary said with majorly crossed fingers ;^)