Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The world's most boring knit

Maybe you have other contenders but I would argue that this project would win for World's Most Boring Knit, if there was a prize for that:

(and if there was a prize, it should be 'magically finished'.)

What we are looking at here is a 56-stitch tube of K2 P2 ribbing, in undyed, Lopi-style wool and mohair from Stoddart Family Farm, that last point being the only high spot of the entire experience.  Realistically, it's Sylvia's colour work that makes the Stoddart yarns so amazing, but the fiber itself is incredibly nice.

On the other hand, Lopi is by nature pretty much underspun, so I'm 120% grateful I picked sharp-tip needles for knitting the tubes.

Because Yes! not only is it boring to knit, I have to repeat the process.  There are two.

Why bother? you might ask.  In fact that is the one question I am not asking, because I still have the marks on the outside of my ankles to remind me.  The tubes are intended to be folded double and slipped inside my wet weather boots:

These Bogs are easy on the feet, and cute as a button: insulated rubber boots with excellent treads, perfect for slushy or wet-snow days in winter.  I can even drive with them on, without any risk of hitting the gas and brake pedals at the same time!  which is not true of my Other Warm Boots, apparently, and scarily.  And for the first few winters we spent together, these lovely little boots never ever hurt me.

But last winter I noticed something different.  Suddenly the top of the boot at the was rubbing against my leg with every step, such that after about two blocks every step was agony, and it got worse from there.  Since I walk a lot and live in a city that gets slushy with every melt, I realized I needed padding fast.  I started knitting the tube last February I think... but it was soooo booooring and then the weather got better so I stopped.

Now I am kicking myself.  With a boot.  Anyway I need the tubes really fast now, because I've already tried tucking a pair of antiseptic pads from the drugstore into my socks (an emergency fix in the middle of a day out) and they don't cut it.  Or even stay in the right place.  Le Sigh.  More knitting.  But at least there's light at the end of the tunnel because look!

Only two more inches to go! and then I can start the next one.

On the bright side - pretty impressive stitch definition for such an underspun yarn.

I hope you don't have such a boring knit lying around your place, but if you do...what is it?


Debbie said...

I just finished a pair of wrist warmers in navy blue sock yarn for my grandson. I think I have you beat!

Mary Keenan said...

Ouch! I think you're right Debbie... so glad for you that they're done ;^)