Thursday, January 15, 2015

Winter club: French toast

When I told Ady about Winter Club, she said Really?  I never think of winter as something I need to get through.  So I reminded her that she enjoys winter sports, like skiing and snowshoeing.  I wonder whether I would mind the slush and wind and cold quite so much if I did too?

Still: even if you don't appreciate the essentialness of daily treats in winter, it's hard not to relate to the niceness of said treats.

The first week of Winter Club was pretty tough to juggle here, because the days ended up being full of sad things that required time and attention, and all that is pretty much the opposite of the spirit of the thing.  One night though, I was able to devote a ton of care to the club after getting my long skillet all ready for cooking frozen Tilapia in butter and then discovering we had no frozen Tilapia to cook.  Lemons: meet lemonade.

Because even though we had no Talapia, we did have maple syrup, some of which was made on a farm a few minutes away from our cottage (glorious)

And a very, very stale baguette

And some eggs.

Probably it's irresponsible to swap out a healthy meal of fish and vegetables for bread and egg and sugar [probably??] but oh, the bliss.

AND I didn't have to go back out into the cold to buy fish.

In the end it was a very peaceful and luxurious supper, and just what the week called for, because even new handknit handspun hats and cosy scarves and hot chocolate treats are not quite enough to compensate for a deep freeze on top of an extremely not-fun week.

Have you been doing Winter Club?  It's not too late to try, even if you love winter sports and don't see a pressing need for it.  And it's especially not too late if you have a stale baguette on the counter.

(ps I have a yarn story for tomorrow so if you've missed the knitting the last two days: stay tuned.)

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