Monday, January 26, 2015

Hail, the conquering sock hero

The Ferdinand socks, in all their splendor:

So, so close to done! Truly I thought these were the socks that would never go away because no matter how many rounds I put on, they never got any longer.  But ha! Two toes spell the almost the end of the journey.

Except... there really should be an equal number of stitches on every needle when you complete a decrease round, don't you think?


Right back at the start of the colour change, I dropped a stitch and didn't notice.

Nothing to do but rip back and start the toe all over again.  I swear, it's like these socks are determined to stay on my needles forever.

Too bad, Ferdinands!  I win.

You are done, and you are going to the guy who's been waiting for you not terribly patiently.

That's me modeling, incidentally, with a pair of socks on underneath so they look like they halfway fit.

I don't want to drag out the goodbyes when I finally get to hand them over.  Still... kind of cool looking, don't you think?

And very very comfortable.

 Mandatory matchiness test:

Yep, the stripes came out close to all right, don't you think?  I did something sneaky at the heel and went on with the self-striping on one because it had hit the light green tint of the heel and toe yarn, and I wanted to match the self-striping of that sock to the stripe of its partner.  Then, when I picked up for the gusset later, I knit from a point further on in the stripe to match the point where I'd started the other foot.  Funny how, in that short space of foot, the stripe got thrown off again!  Not to say that the foot was all that short, obviously. 

Anyway: done.  Bye bye Ferdies! Enjoy your new home.

And now that those needles are free... I can cast on another pair.

(Sorry for the brief disappearance at the end of last week - renovation planning kind of ate those two days.  All good now though!)


gresha said...

I have loved reading/looking at you#knitsockjourny. I seriously need to make myself some socks. Between chemo and diabetes I NEED socks
That fit well (but loosely).swollen feet and tende skin. So I keep hoping I will concour the feat/feet.My frustrarion is benefiting heads near and dear to my heart. I knit hats because I lol can feel successful.
May the Lord bless the work of your hands.

Mary Keenan said...

Gresha, you have a LOT going on! I resisted socks for a really long time and about ten days after I started my first pair I started into a really tough part of my life... and I'm still knitting them six years later, so I would have to say they helped me - both the knitting of them, and the wearing of them. If you do venture into socks on top of what you're already getting through, you should go with DK weight yarn so you see success sooner! and if your first try is too snug for you, it sounds like you'd have takers for the attempt, which is also success ;^) Sending many, many good thoughts for your comfort.