Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A place for tea and knitting

While hunting through attractive kitchen pictures recently I spotted something that whispered Knitting Banquette into my willing ear.

This combo at the end of what my eye translated into a kitchen cabinet (because I was picturing it in our condo kitchen) is the genius work of Tonianne Soster at T.A.S. Construction, with whom I would totally want to work if I lived in Austin. 

I've wanted a banquette in my kitchen for a long time and I'm having trouble forgetting this image, so...

I went to IKEA's website and found this alternative loveseat, with arms, admittedly, but also a machine washable cover that has got to be pretty practical in a kitchen...
And a round pedestal table...

And a second chair for a second non knitting person, which - although nowhere near as cute as the original - is easy to wipe clean of coffee spills...

Because every dream kitchen needs a place where you can have close proximity to a hot beverage and perhaps even toast, while sitting someplace comfy.

Of course if I was going to be pessimistic I could acknowledge the fact that this particular banquette is not going to happen because it will be Pete's kitchen too and he doesn't like the arms of the loveseat, or the style of the table, and would hate the plastic composite chair if I showed it to him, which I won't.  Instead, I choose to be impressed that I saw a photograph I loved and was magically able to find reasonable facsimiles of all the key bits in it.

Although it has to be said: tub chair.

With a washable slipcover.  SO decadent to think of having a comfy chair in a non-British-countryside kitchen, don't you think?  For me anyway... my very small house has a very small cooking space where any sort of chair would be out of the question, so the condo move opens up all kinds of welcome possibilities.

What about you? Are you able to knit in your kitchen?  (and if not, would you want to?)

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