Monday, January 19, 2015

Matchy knitting

Yak: it's where it's at.

As the weather has gone very, very cold, I've been testing out different weights of scarf and hat and mitt, and I have discovered that the giant green scarf I bought last fall - the one that's all Yak - is the warmest, softest, most pillowy piece of fabric I have ever encountered.  It is heaven.  It also doesn't look very nice with any of my hats or mitts.

So naturally, I have been obsessing about what I can pull together for a hat that will match, if only because I have knit a scrap of coordinating green yarn into one.  I do have some black sport weight wool which, if I knit it at a dense enough gauge, should be pretty warm; a bit of green paired with that should do the job.

So I found this bit, in very same sport weight yarn:

But it's pretty obvious that this cowl, made from silk/merino that Trish gave me as a souvenir of a holiday out west, is the better match.

I am 90% sure I have a little of this yarn left over, but do you think I can find it? Of course not.

So I was settling for the sport weight scrap when this arrived in the mailbox, the last gasp of the Twisted Fiber Art fiber club I feel determined not to rejoin because I am swimming in stuff to spin at this point.

I might have to rethink this No More Yarn Clubs policy though. How often does yarny stuff turn up in the mailbox that is a pleasure to deal with,

and solves a problem to boot?

Or maybe it doesn't match, really.  Maybe it will just look okay from a distance.  Maybe too, I've spun these singles too slim to be a super warm hat.

I've decided not to worry about that till I've plied and blocked and knit it up because silk.  This roving is merino with just enough silk for soft and warm, without dropping any of the bounce of the wool.  My favourite!

Have a great day today - with luck, one with some nice little surprise of your own to enjoy along the way - and I'll see you tomorrow.


Laurinda said...

I know I'm a little late to the party, but I love how matchy that yarn is to the yak,& can't wait to see how they look together!

Mary Keenan said...

Me neither Laurinda! If only the plying step wasn't in the way... I still haven't had time to do it :^(