Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sock yarn stockpile

I'm just gonna throw it out there that I rejoined the Vesper Sock Club again because I cannot live without the stuff (and you can join too, because signups are now open to new members.)  I mean, just last week in a down moment I checked the mailbox and found this gorgeous thing in there:

And how you can top that brightening up your day I don't know.  It's called Feast.  Does that top it?

On the other hand: you have to knit it into something once you have it.

Or not.  Here is my current pair of Vespers, which I'm proud to say are being worked concurrently:

To be fair, one of them is a bit further along since I took that picture.

Yes, that is an autumn scene there on the porch. Normally non-Christmas socks still get knit because I carry my Vespers in my purse and I get stuck waiting around a lot, but this fall I read a ton of novels and nonfiction on my phone instead of knitting on the subway, and I am paying for that with a fuller brain and an emptier sock drawer.

The situation does not bode well for Feast or its friends who are sure to follow over these upcoming winter months, and I kinda don't care care, because Vesper.  Love, love love that yarn, even if all I can do is gaze upon a skein and sigh with contentment.

(you know who would love these particular socks, with their lovely purple stripe?  Jan.  Or maybe Ady - yeah, Ady would really love them.  I should be a better person than I am just long enough to make these a bit longer for her.  But I'm not holding my breath because I'm still a bit tired from the 'flu and being nicer would take a lot of energy.)

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