Thursday, September 1, 2011

... and now it is fall

Under normal conditions I consider fall to start when school does, which isn't till next week where I live, but this year I feel like Today Is It.  It's September, it's fall, it's time to think about warmer clothes (even though the house is still pretty darned hot most of the time.)

How do I know?

Reason Number 1

I've gone back to my Deco cardi, having finished the most urgent of my three Escapist shawls.  I had left off partially through the second front:

and last night I finished that and shifted over to the top of the back, making it once again a Portable Knit.

Reason Number 2

I'm getting panicked about the baby sweater I was supposed to have ready by the end of Labour Day weekend.  Please note the lack of photograph, which illustrates the fact that panic has not yet led to picking up of needles.

Reason Number 3

I did a test drive this morning for a run I'm going to have to make several times a week as part of my New Role this fall.  The new role has many aspects, some of which will probably reduce my overall knitting output, but the dominant feature is the fact that I'm going to have to drive around downtown several times a week. And that is the biggie because I really, really don't like driving anywhere at any time.

I've spent the last three weeks reminding myself that I passed my driving test, complete with highway exercises, just a year ago on my first try; sadly it's not much comfort because I've been so successful at avoiding driving ever since and am now completely out of practice.  Even today I didn't do the test run myself but rode along with another driver so I'd know just how much traffic there is on the roads at the time I was planning to be out there.  Answer: a lot.

Expect me to be out driving, also a lot, over the next few days while I try to get more comfortable with this whole business.

Reason Number 4

I came home from the test drive to find an e-mail from Biscotte, which tells me it's September 1 and I can open my first parcel for the current yarn club.

It's so hard to decide - do I open the parcel of yarn first, or the e-mail, which will show the free pattern that goes with it?  I went for the parcel:

YUM.  And it's Felix sock yarn, which I love knitting with ever so much.

Then I opened the e-mail. Louise had dropped some hints on her blog that the pattern would have something to do with a Harry Potter baddie, but I forgot that until I saw the most luscious lacy-twisty socks titled 'Bellatrix Lestrange' (designer: Rachel Coopey.)

I am totally knitting these. But not till I get some current socks off the needles, or until after the Kitchener Knitters' Fair - whichever comes first - because I am still out of 2.25mm double points.  I was going to order more KnitPicks ones but it was going to cost a small fortune in shipping for some reason, so I'm going to wait till they're on sale, or until I need something else from there to justify it all.  In the meantime, I'm thinking about Addi dpns, which will probably be plentiful at the Fair. Worth a try, right?

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