Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sweater weather

We interrupt this blog entry to bring you an important News Item: 

I drove downtown without an experienced driver beside me for advice for the first time this morning, and lived to type this message. 

And now we will return to our regularly scheduled wool chat (with added adrenalin.  PANT.)

It's only September and usually the daytime temperatures at this time of year are suitable for linen if you're lucky, but the last few days have been cold.  I mean, jackets and full-length pants cold.  Cold enough for either of the two sweaters I haven't finished, and don't feel too justified about prioritizing again until the baby cardi is done for said baby's imminent arrival.  Which explains why I have been moving forward with the cardi (finished the back last night! cue the confetti!)

I have been making stealth progress on the Deco though:

Honestly, sweaters in progress look like such a puddle of loose strings, don't they.  The best I could do with this picture of starting-the-back was to position the needles in a cute 1930s tapdance-arms way. 

You may perhaps have noticed that all the loose stitches are on holders, save for one sad little front shoulder on yarn.  It made me crazy that I couldn't find the last holder I'd been reserving for this very situation and I searched and searched - wasting all the time I would have gained by using said holder - before giving up, but when I put it all out to photograph it...

Yeah.  I'd clipped it to the strap of the bag so I could find it.  Le sigh.

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