Friday, September 2, 2011

Asymmetrical Cloche - a free pattern

At long last, here is the the chemo-friendly hat pattern I designed last spring for Bene:

This was another of those so easy designs that just worked itself out - I had a few glitches with exactly how many stitches to start with, but the structure stayed the same from the moment I first pictured it.  I love when that happens.  

I made one in organic cotton for her to wear over the summer,

and one in superwash merino for the fall.

Same needles, different number of stitches, both versions included.

The idea was to use ribbing added gradually across the band of the hat both to help hold it on and to control in an asymmetrical way how much roll there would be around the face.

It's so easy to knit; you don't even need to watch the instructions closely because it's pretty logical just by watching the fabric you're making.  Of course I say this as somebody who made three hats before I got the sizing right and could cast on for Bene's, but still.  I knit this walking, on a boat cruise, on the subway... it's easy.

I think the hat would be cute with a little pin or flower on the lower side, don't you?

I try to make my chemo hats reversible when I can, because I fear that some will find the purl side abrasive or just irritating after chemo treatments.  I liked how the little roll at the brim folds inside so nicely when it's inside out for a slight-and-smooth angle of stickie-outyness.

And there you have it - another option for something to do when you really can't do anything.  Or just an easy hat project for anybody who needs a hug for their head, including you!

 Download .pdf of Asymmetrical Cloche


heklica said...

Pretty! I love the fact that it is reversible, you actually get 2 in 1!

St Bernie girl said...

I agree completely - it would look great with a pin or some sort of adornment on one side, but it certainly can stand alone, and that's a clever concept - the asymmetry achieved by varying the height of the ribbing. Nice - as always!

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks St. Bernie! I'm always happy when I can use a simple idea to make a hat look a little different.