Monday, September 12, 2011

Being Good while surrounded by fiber

Well, I went to the Knitter's Fair, and I was pretty good. 

I didn't need any roving to spin because we know I didn't get through all the stuff from last year's shopping even during the Tour de Fleece.

And I didn't need any yarn, obviously, so that wasn't a draw.

Didn't need any new books either - who has space?

Nope, I was good.  I got needles.

* * * * * *

Where all this stuff came from:

Roving: Briar Rose, acquired at Shall We Knit, and in-house yumminess from Waterloo Wools

Yarn: Viola, Viola, and more Viola

Books: Japanese stitch dictionaries from The Needle Arts Book Shop

Needles: from Camilla Valley Farms and Serenity Knits

Details: to follow over the next week or two.  So much to tell!!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Of course you NEED all of that stuff!

heklica said...

LOL! Lovely stuff, these things you don't need :)))