Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lovely sock toes and my work, cut out

I had this crazy idea that if I accumulated toes to be Kitchenered and did them all at once, it would go faster.  It didn't.  I spent all my precious knitting time yesterday finishing them off and running in the cast-on edge.  But I think they are the most beautiful sock toes I've ever seen:

That's probably mostly because I desperately needed the needles they were on so I could start some new socks.  I am traveling a lot again the next couple of days for one thing - gotta have more portable knitting - and also, I... erm... well, I spent all my precious knitting time on Tuesday night not working on my cardi or the baby sweater or anything important.

Instead I got out the ball winder and swift and all the sock yarn I've been buying in the past few months.

My work is definitely cut out for me, wouldn't you say?


Trish said...

Is that the parchment up front and centre? Love the colour!

Unknown said...

Work? I don't see any work. I see fun!!!