Monday, September 26, 2011

Slow progress

For a couple of weeks now I've been watching my pile of Works In Progress not shrink.  This is mostly because my usual quantity of free time has shrunk - dramatically - but also because when I get free time I'm so wiped out I just collapse.  Some days even my fingers are too tired to knit.  It's hooooorrible.

Last night even, I went to a burger place with friends and got barstool seating in front of a window.  There I was, a sock untouched in my purse, and there - outside at a cafe table enjoying the evening air - was another knitter working contentedly away at a lace scarf.

(of course I ate fast so I could go and say hi.  what am I, made of stone?)

However, I did make progress on the baby sweater.  I picked it up every time I sat down, and I came up with excuses to sit down so I could pick it up, and I'm nearly finished the yoke.  I might actually cast off today, leaving only the hours and hours of finishing and button-hunting to do.

Also: I gave Carolyn her sleep socks.  I think she liked them.

Looking back over the last little while I think I see where I've been going wrong.  Instead of spending as much time as possible at home ignoring the dust like usual, I've been out clothes-shopping and in paying attention to dust and laundry and organization generally.  I've caught myself twice now wondering whether I'll be able to cram in washing the shower curtain liner before I need to go out - or use the shower - again.

I'll just have to come to my senses, because I surely have enough clothes by now and I know from experience that all those house things go and get dirty again a couple of days later.

(Not like shawls or hats or scarves that keep being around even after you've knit three more, ahem.)

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pat y said...

Put the shower curtain in your washing machine with a couple of bath towels and the job will be done.