Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Picking up where I left off

Remember this?

Much earlier in the year before my friend even knew whether she's having a boy or a girl I started knitting this baby cardi, and frogging and reknitting and going out to buy a second yarn so I could put in stripes and not have to stop at a body and half of one sleeve.

I dug it out of hibernation over the weekend so I could spend today reacquainting myself with it and getting it going again because: Baby is Due.  Maybe not for another two or three weeks, but definitely Due.  And as I recall, I was also wanting to make a matching hat if I had yarn left over, which will take time, of which there is not much left.

Sadly I had an unrelated time problem in the night, waking to a loud (but in the event nonthreatening) noise at 1am and not being able to get back to sleep again till I think 5.  Probably it was 5:15 but that is too scary to contemplate.  (don't you hate the nights where you have to count out your sleep in 15 minute increments?) 

In any case I'll have to nap during today's knitting time - I can guarantee I will doze over the needles, a clear safety hazard, if I try to work in this state - so it ain't gonna happen.  I'll just cross my fingers for tomorrow, or maybe sneak in some time tonight.  It can't take that long to decipher my sloppy old notes, can it?

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