Sunday, August 4, 2013

My summer break, so far

Well, I'm still in the depths of the basement sorting out stuff... I guess it was a little ambitious to think I could take care of this mess in a mere week, after all.  Let's try for normalcy to start again next Monday, okay?

Meanwhile, here are some things I have been doing on my summer not-vacation.

Giggling over this very timely entry at zenhabits.  It's like the sanitized version of my life right now, to the point of hilarity.  Ten minutes a day to clean up just one little area?  I've been cleaning up one little area of my tiny house for about a year now, and not one of them has taken ten minutes.  Thirty, minimum, and I have just as many little areas to clean up now as I did when I started.  Maybe I need to stop acquiring things in between, like yarn and fabric and mail and groceries? 

(nah.  Especially not the yarn thing.)

Trying not to feel pressure about the fact that I have another new skein of sock yarn in the house and four pairs still on needles.

I love, love these colours.  I know the name is 'summer evening' but can you imagine how awesome the purple and green would be on Halloween with a good old fashioned witchy costume?

Taking pictures of clouds.

There are a lot more where this one came from... I'm getting kind of obsessed with how beautiful clouds are and have been kicking myself every time I go out without my camera, which is happening less often because I kick pretty hard.

Taking pictures of other stuff I like, since I happen to have a camera with me so much right now.

This completely uncluttered condo entryway, for example.  sigh

Admiring seriously bright and cheery birds.

Eating gelato with friends from April's Italy trip.

Well, that only happened once, but it was fabulous.   That purple one at the bottom left?  Blueberry and pomegranate!  I know, right?  SO delicious.

And generally panicking about whether or not I will ever get caught up on this house, let alone before Ray, my amazing contractor, comes to do a bunch of repairs in and around the messiest places.  GAH.  I think I have another ten days before that happens.  Deep. Breath.

What I have not been doing is knitting.  How bad it is:  I can see twisted stitches and/or cables even in tree bark.

I so have to finish this job.

And on that note, I will get back to the salt mines.  Take care of yourself and with luck and diligence I will see you again next week!


Unknown said...

I LOVE the vesper sock yarn. Good luck with the declutter! I am on the same track myself. It's a very difficult thing to do, finding new homes for treasures. Preferably in someone else's home. Try not to get trapped like I do with "it looks wrong to have empty space."

Leslie said...

I love the new Summer Evening Vesper sock yarn...I've decided it will have to be a cowl/scarf simply because those colors will really looks very nice with my eyes...though I am dithering into the hat realm, too...still thinking scarf...will let you know!

Mary Keenan said...

Oh yeah Karen, empty space is beautiful space and showcases the few things you have kept (that's what I keep telling myself, heh)

My current approach on the cleanup is to focus on Like With Like, and put things in boxes marked "Goodwill", "Recycling", "Garbage", "Somewhere else in the house", and "In a bin in the garage." It's a lot of boxes but it does reduce any indecision-related panic!

Mary Keenan said...

Leslie, you could make a fabulous scarf with this yarn for sure! The colours really are gorgeous, aren't they. As for me I am just really hoping I can get my socks done by this October rather than next ;^)