Sunday, July 28, 2013

Knitting on holiday

Here is some knitting preparing to take a holiday:

Sadly, I have to take a little break from Hugs - this week for sure, hopefully not next.

You know how sometimes people who write blogs will say Wow, I'm burnt out from writing here every day and I promise I'll come back as soon as I've recharged?  I wish I could be one of those people, because not writing here every weekday is really, really hard for me.  Actually, I'm taking my break to finish overhauling the house, because the bits and pieces I've been getting away with over the past year are all done and now it's just the big huge scary stuff.  And when I say scary, I mean there may not even be time to knit.

Do I know how to live on the edge, or what?

Anyhoo: have a fabulous week or two (I have to be back here within two weeks or I might melt or transform into a moth with fangs or something) and feel free to send any good organizational wishes you might have to spare, because I am pretty sure I will need them.  Or ice cream.

See ya!


Marianne said...

Don't over do too much! Hope some big strong muscle type will be there to help with the lifting (wink). Seriously though, we will miss you and I'll loose my drive to learn to make socks if you ever leave forever!! I have a sock cast on now, I'm taking a Craftsy class!!! You are my inspiration such beautiful socks that you make!!

Mary Keenan said...

Oh Marianne... the lifting would be a joy to do myself ;^) it's the prepping boxes to lift that's the killer! Made small progress today, but progress nonetheless. AND I squeezed in some legwarmer knitting. Not quite a craftsy sock class though - go you!