Monday, July 8, 2013

Rainy day craft time with Super Batty and Steve

Hello, Super Batty and Steve,

my new stuffed monster friends.  Rainy cottage days call for non-swimming activities, which on Sunday included a trip to the Finnegan Lake Gallery, and the CGMonsters were pretty much the first thing I knew I wasn't leaving without.  Actually I wanted a third one as well but couldn't commit - they are all so different, yet equally irresistible!  Next time.

(I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the textile artist who made Super Batty and Steve, but if you feel you can't live without a similar sort of monster you could always send a message to Jennifer, who owns the gallery - her e-mail address is at the link above.  Just in case you are wavering on this point, they are sewn with soft flannely fabric on the back so that when you pick one up, your thumbs get quilting cotton and your fingertips get squish.  SO cuddly.)

I also picked up a cotton/linen bread bag for keeping the bread I make from scratch at the cottage - I am pretty sure I am never going to get around to making one for myself, let alone stamping it - and some cotton in a 1930s dressmaker print because it said 'tea cosy' to me.

I hope my sewing machine also says 'tea cosy', because I really do need a second one and I keep not finding one I like enough.  Plus, how cute would these pattern pieces be over a teapot?

Meanwhile: the rain.  Heavy and steady, all day long.

I did a super fun crafty project with robots...

details to come another day, and I took everything off the 'frig and wiped it down and rearranged the magnets...

... I call this work "Ducks Love Ice Cream"...

and I did some more spinning, of course.  These stripeys are where I had left off on Saturday,

and these other ones were Sunday's. 

Normally I can't resist finishing off a soft spiral of a pre-drafted lump of fiber, but I kept getting distracted.

Honestly, it is just not possible for these two monster bats to look bored, much less boring.  Even when I put them into my bag to come home in the car, they just looked so thrilled to be there.  Admittedly they rode in my knitting bag, so they were surrounded by yarn and stuff and I would have been thrilled too, but still. 

Wish me luck for finishing off the current bump of fiber today, okay?  And have a great day yourself.  I'll see you tomorrow, with something interesting that isn't smiley bats (probably.)

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