Friday, July 12, 2013

Bright colours and knitting

Yay, it's practically (or actually, if you're reading this via feed) the weekend!  Here are some cheery buttons I would give you one of for making it through another week, if I were sitting across the table from you and also, not greedy.

I love the nervous yarn kitty almost as much as I do the happy octopus.

These were a not-exactly-impulse purchase at the Art Gallery of Ontario's basement gift shop: there are about a million of them in a bin so I had to pick through and choose the ones I loved most, which turned the whole process into Premeditated Fiscal Irresponsibility.  These are the ones I'm keeping, though the gifting pile may lose the bacon button.  After all: bacon!

In other colourful news:

The waterdance stripey socks are moving a lot faster since I shifted them over to a set of Pony Pearl plastic double points.  I loved the previous nickel-plated needles in practically every way, but it seems pretty clear I do have a reaction to the nickel and the cringing in my right palm with every moment of contact was really messing with my gauge.

The socks look particularly awesome when I'm doing the turquoise stripe on these turquoise needles, so I hope there will be more turquoise stripeys in my future.  But first, this!

No pressure, but the next installment of the Vesper yarn club arrived in the mail this week.  Something about it makes me want to eat a lot of fancy candy and sugared violets, which doesn't bode well for my dental health when I finally get to knit it, but that probably won't be soon unless my spinning progress improves a lot.

How not improved it is: I'm not even going to bother showing you my picture of yesterday's progress.  I did make some, but only as much as one can make while watching an 11-minute episode of Adventure Time.

And speaking of adventures, it's time for us all to go have 'em.  Hope yours are super fun and involve yarn in some way.  Like, yarnbombing your front yard tree with something bright, maybe?

Whatever it is, have fun, and I will see you back here on Monday!

1 comment:

Marianne said...

I love the buttons, it would be hard to part with any of these.. the Pig in the cup is adorable!
I may have to see about the yarn club, such beautiful yarns they are sending you!
I have been gifted a class to learn to make socks!!! YAYYYYYY So hope I can understand the heal turn, flap thingy, ROFL.