Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Handknit legwarmers: an exercise in patience

Boy, does Ravelry ever keep you honest about your knitting!  I started these legwarmers back on April 15 and here I am being excited about my amazing almost-done-one progress... on July 16.

Still, that's only three months, and if I achieve the same pace with the second leg...

I can still be wearing them when the weather turns cold again.  Which is hard to imagine right now since the primary concern of everybody around me is how not to melt down onto the road and evaporate.

The good news is, knitting away for three hours each way on the drive to and from the cottage has built a whole lot of legwarmer while I was busy thinking I would never have one.  Bonus: my math worked out, and I'm ready for the bottom cuff at the exact point in the stripey where the top cuff ended.

These are going to be very snug legwarmers, if one can judge by legs reacting to a day of 90 degrees Fahrenheit plus unclouded sun.  And that's probably good if you want your goal is a pair that stay up while you're walking.

(I'm telling myself mine is, because I could so easily have gone up a needle size lo these three months ago and didn't.  I just hope these things fit over leggings.)

And - oh! more good news.  I'm going to have enough left over to do a matching hat or cowl or something.  Because you know I am not tired of this stripe yet, even though I've been knitting it forever.  In winter when everything is grey slush and no green anywhere, how fabulously cheery are these things going to look?

(lots of fabulous.)

Mostly though, I'm just proud of myself for not giving up when I first calculated it would take officially forever to knit them.

Do you have a never ending project you've stuck with anyway?


Trish said...

Brown socks!!!! Lol!

Leslie said...

My never-ending project was a scarf in a beautiful white and black striping yarn with sequins (polaris by Rosetti). I don't know if it was the yarn, or just the fact that it was a scarf, but I hated that project from beginning to end...and it ended when I decided I didn't want to work on it anymore. Scarves are kind of lucky that way, where leg-warmers wouldn't be! Good luck finishing yours!

Mary Keenan said...

Trish! does that mean you haven't given up on them in spite of everything?

Mary Keenan said...

Leslie, I gotta say I'm with you on knitting anything with sequins. It's gotta be a short and sweet project - on purpose, or otherwise ;^) Hope you didn't hate it so much as to not get use out of the scarf!

Marianne said...

An afghan, I started it a year ago, it's so boring to work on!! My daughter-in-law picked out the pattern and the color.. BROWN! I need a challenge or at least a pretty routine.. this is just basic knit and purl.. yawn

Mary Keenan said...

oh dear... and afghans are so big! not super appropriate for dragging around where mindness knits are called for ;^)