Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh no! more yarn

There's more yarn in my house.

How it got here is kind of confusing to me.  A week or two Trish and I went to a Downtown Knit Collective meeting, and heard about an enormous stash of circa 1990s yarn that had been donated to a local charity and which needed to be sold off for a more monetary donation.  Next thing I knew, I was at a house downtown, looking at bags of said stash and, more than anything else, feeling such compassion for the knitter who had collected it all.  It was just so far beyond what anybody could ever in their dreams hope to knit in two lifetimes, you know?

Trish's bounty included some actual knitting by this knitter: whoever s/he was, s/he was good.

And had good taste.  What wasn't mohair, was wool, with a very small selection of wool blends.  I saw a lot of Rowan yarns.  Other common denominators included the colour range and the itch factor: for knitters used to ultrasoft silks and superwash merino, these yarns are downright workhorsey.

Trish was shopping 'sweater', but I was shopping 'loom' and therefore 'coordinating colours and weights.'  I ended up with this Aran-weight Rowan Magpie:

and this Rowanspun Tweed:

and I think they will work very well together with this:

about which I know very little.  Both lumps are collections of coordinating strings in all sorts of fibers and sizes cut to perhaps 15-foot lengths, meant to be whipped up in a fad process that went out of style not too long after it was popular.  Trish found me a very good link that explains how to use such lengths for 'stash scarves', and I may do that except as shawls to wear on the outside of a coat because


this stuff is glam, but so itchy.

It's all still sitting on my sofa because I have no idea even where to store it, but I bought it, so there you go.  More yarn!  because of course, I needed some.

(I know it's irresponsible, but really I just want to knit tea cosies with it all.  Tea cosies can be as scratchy as they like, right? but I think it will bug me that these colours don't match my home or cottage kitchen.)

Meanwhile, in spinning news, I did this last night while watching The Music Man:

and more this morning while watching Michael Redgrave in I don't know what and don't much care because Michael Redgrave.

I just got so tired of looking at the other colour I was spinning, I thought I'd pop to this and then go back to finish the last of the other three.  I will regret that when I don't get to spend Sunday plying, but needs must, right?

And that is me for another exciting week: take care of yourself over the weekend and I will see you on Monday!

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