Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Knitting in coffeeshops

Gaps between appointments = yay for coffeeshops!  Especially air conditioned ones, in summer.

That's a strawberry smoothie up in the corner there, emphasis on Zing.  I would totally visit Second Cup with my knitting again for one of those, which is lucky, because I will almost certainly have to several times over the next couple of months.

Sitting by yourself and knitting in a place where you can't possibly be expected to do laundry, file paperwork, or pay bills gives you a great chance to think over the important things in life.

Like: whether or not you are you totally tired yet of looking at striped socks here at Hugs.  I'm not getting tired of knitting them, but I do keep thinking it would be good to shake things up.

For example, there is a cardi in the cupboard that got almost all done two summers ago during a Harry Potter Movie Marathon, and then didn't because I resolved some stress issues with chocolate and thereby rendered the cardi size all wrong.  While counter-productively inhaling that smoothie I considered going ahead and finishing the sweater as is and using it as a motivator to fit into it.

Then there is the Fair Isle pullover that I knit all the boring parts of and then panicked over when I got to the yoke, for which I had yet to design a pattern.  That's right, I knit two sleeves and a body and stopped where all the colourwork starts.  What was I thinking?  Probably that it was too heavy to cart around in my purse any more.  And also, that it was going to be too big and I should probably do some major pleats for the purpose of decreasing once I put the pieces together.  HA.  Again:  just knit it.

That's the thing about socks though, isn't it... feet don't change size much.  And you can just keep knitting a plain sock for the longest time.  This one here in the coffeeshop?  I knit most of what there is there in the dark, in the car, between 10pm and midnight.  Couldn't 've done that with a Fair Isle chart or sleeve cap shaping.

Another thing you can't do in the car is spin yarn on a wheel, unless you have a van and somebody to drive it for you, which I don't (yet.)  So...

... I had to do my spinning for yesterday's Tour de Fleece at the cottage in the morning, before heading home.  I know, I know: tough life!  I can't wait to get back again for more.  And also, to go on deciding whether it's a good or bad idea to treadle a wheel while sitting in a rocking chair.  Because when you do that, the chair rocks, and that is a whole lot of movement for the yarn to deal with.  I guess I'll have a better idea when I ply the singles together whether I lose twist by rocking, right?

Meanwhile, here I am in the city, knitting in coffeeshops, and look!

Made it through a whole sequence of stripes before I could finish that smoothie.  

That's the other good thing about socks.  People look at them and say GAH, but they really are fast.  Definitely faster than a whole adult-sized sweater in average-weight yarn.  Unless said sweater only has a little arm or neck left to do, of course.  H'mmmm.

Well, while I ponder that question (and do a ton of walking  because otherwise my fitbit pedomoter will stop speaking to me entirely) I wish you a marvelous day wherever you are - perhaps prepping for exciting 4th of July celebrations - and hope to see you here again tomorrow!


Trish said...

"but they really are fast"
BA HA!!!

That's all I have to say on THAT topic (she says as she picks up her adult-sized sweater in average-weight yarn)...

Mary Keenan said...

I knew you'd say that ;^) Okay then, "Faster than those sweaters unless you are Trish!"

Leslie said...

Love the socks! I'm still into my "what else can I make from Vesper yarn"...the woven scarf (which I'll have on the blog next week after I get it washed)...and now a pair of mitts. Enjoy knitting in coffee shops!