Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Shopping in Ormsby

Over the weekend I got to release a winter's worth of pent-up shopping energy at one of my favourite places, The Old Hastings Gallery.  One priority: a teapot to replace the little green one that didn't make it through the cold weather this year.

I love this pot so much.  I don't remember the potter's name or details but if anybody wants to know I can find out.  What I can tell you is that the lake drawings were made using very old techniques that include tipping the pot to run the colour, to make tree branches and things.

And also, that that thumbrest there on the top of the handle fits my hand perfectly.  It pours extremely well too, which is rather important in a teapot.

While I was falling for that pot though I found another one that is about the same size as two more already at the cottage without cracks in them.  Still...

it had chickens on it.  How could I leave it behind?

Then while I was looking for a new tea cosy (I resisted) I decided I could use an apron (I didn't resist):

What sold me on this one is not just that it's practically all Attic24 colours, but the fact that it's got a PVC coating so that I can just wipe it clean rather than having to do more laundry.

At the last minute I bought some earrings, but forgot to take a picture and am now too lazy, which is a problem Element41 earrings are designed to solve.  The apostrophe-like ones I chose are a simple and very comfortable shape in niobium, a metal that is great for hurty oversensitive earlobes like mine, and I was even able to get a coppery brown colour that matches my hair and will therefore go with everything.  I may never have to take them out again and for me, that is a huge selling point.  More time for knitting!

This little spree was just the tail end of a bigger one though.  In the morning the larger purchases of the day were delivered.  A bistro set:

and a picnic table, both made from recycled plastics. 

You can leave them out all year and they will never need maintenance.  They also won't blow away because they weigh a ton.  And you can throw wet swim things on them to boot! which is good because we lost one of our clothesline trees last fall and haven't come up with a good replacement yet.  One thing at a time, right?

Tomorrow: something crafty, I promise.  Have a good day and I'll see you then.

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