Thursday, July 11, 2013

Raw materials: paper craft edition

For much of 2013, I've been chipping away at decluttering my house - simplifying, streamlining, and shedding generally.  Apparently this mission does not apply to craft materials, and the resistance to acquiring same.

Not only have I found it difficult to avoid more Washi tape, I came into contact with stamps and stamp pads at the store where I bought much of this last lot, and I've since bought some stamp pads - but not stamps! - because they were Martha Stewart ones, massively discounted at HomeSense. I think the US equivalent of this chain store is TJ Maxx Homegoods.

What I've absolutely had to have though are double-sided scrapbook papers, which are astonishingly cheap at HomeSense.  Even a non-scrapbooker like me can see the time-saving indoor party banner potential of double-sided paper, especially after the disaster that was pre-punched tiny banner strings:

(turns out they were discounted because the pre-stitched thread ran though the non-banner part of the paper.  GAH.)

The clincher was bringing home Super Batty and Steve.  I swear, those are magical bats, because in spite of being at about the maximum recommended level of sleep deprivation I've been overcome by creative impulses since they arrived.

The pull of paper craft

What I really want is a Monster Bat mobile for the cottage living room, but the cost would be prohibitive with real stuffed bats and anyway, I would just want to touch them all the time.  Paper monster bats: that's a different story entirely.  Not to mention super fast to make.

And then there are all the other great paper project ideas I found online.  If you dare, you're welcome to check out the Pinterest board I've been building with the ones I like best.

One project I will totally be doing in some form or another: bookmarks cut from the double sided paper.  I do little presents for my neighbours every Christmas and sometimes Valentine's Day too - cookies usually.  But how great would a bookmark tag be, one for every member of the household? And no effort at all, really.

The raw materials

My goodness, the patterns on these papers are incredible.  I would be glad just to stick them to my walls as is, so I could look at them all the time.

How cool would it be to add the odd inspirational word in matchy puffy alphabet stickers?

Not to mention the rub-on images, to use either on the papers or on little gift cards.  There were an astonishing variety of them (four sets, each with several sheets inside) in just one $3 package.

Some of the rub-on images are borders.  I can so see wall-art uses for those.

And the scope of the colours and designs!  I'm completely smitten with the blue pattern on the bottom right corner of this pad of scrapbook paper... it may need to become something utilitarian so I can look at it all the time.

The cheery colours on this last set may need to find their way onto the doors of kitchen cupboads at the cottage.  They say 'summer' to me, and also, 'endless cups of tea.'

What is especially wonderful about these papers and tapes is the fact that you can have instant art gratification.  All the hard work is done, and what's left is tremendous scope for creativity in choosing pattern combinations and shapes and applications.  In dramatically less time than it takes even to knit a tea cosy (it's done, and drying, and I'll do a reveal next week) you can have something with amazing visual punch to put into your living space.

And really: the materials take up almost no space at all!  I hope. If I stop here, and don't buy stamps, ahem.

(keep your fingers crossed for me, and I will for you.)

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