Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The big tea cosy reveal

Hello, mystery tea cosy!

Are you guys ready to see what I chose to do for the front, with its panel left blank for embellishment?

Well... maybe I should start at the beginning.  First off, I knew there was no way I could embroider anything pretty.  Knotty and lumpy, no problem, but pretty - not so much.  I thought about sewing random buttons onto the cosy's panel, but then I remembered some very cute fabric which has a lot of red in it (my favourite colour.)

I cut out a square to fit inside the panel, and pressed the edges in.

Didn't even bother finishing said edges.

Then I got stitching.  Again: so many options!

My first thought was machine stitching, but I was afraid of restricting the fabric of the cosy too much such that it wouldn't stretch over a wide variety of teapots.  Then I thought of sewing it on by way of a button in each corner, but I was pretty sure the cosy would stretch too much then, and also, I couldn't find four matching buttons I liked that were small enough not to interfere with the dish and shaker.

In the end, I chose to do running stitch by hand.  It's so basic even I can't mess it up much, and when you do mess up running stitch, it's easy to rip back and do over.

I did over a lot.

And here is the cosy, all done:

What do you think?

I love that I figured out how to get red onto the cosy in spite of only having yellow yarn, and the fact that it now matches my cottage kitchen curtains.

And I'm so glad I opted to knit the i-cord at the top just a little longer than suggested in the pattern, so I could make a loop.  It means I can hang it up on the side of the 'frig, right over the place where I keep my tea.

Cute and functional: does it get better than that?  Amazingly, it does: the cosy matches some of my frig magnets.  I had no idea till I went looking for a place to store it.

Project Details

Pattern: Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Seed Stitch Tea Cozy

Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Wool in golden yellow

Whew!  After all those socks and legwarmers, I'm not used to starting and finishing a project so fast.  Maybe I should knit more tea cosies. 

What about you?  Do you knit or crochet for your kitchen?


jezz said...

Your tea cozy is just too cute! Now I want to try one, too.

Mary Keenan said...

If you make one I bet you'll enjoy it - it's a really nice knit :^)