Monday, March 3, 2014

A special handspinning project

Hello, and welcome to March!  The fact that it's a new month is perfectly acceptable in these parts, because in the old month I managed to pull off the one project I really wanted to have done before it ended. With 90 minutes to spare, ahem (but that makes it more of a victory, right?)

Naturally it wasn't just a question of crafting the thing: I had to spin the yarn for it first.

You may recognize these colours - it's the last, at last, of the Velvet colourway I overbought at the end of a Twisted Fiber Art club session.  I'd panicked after placing my initial order before the deadline, went back at the last opportunity, and ordered Velvet stuff without remembering I'd included all the Velvet I wanted the first time.

You can see why I'd be excited about getting to the end of it all. 

This particular braid of roving has silk in it, so it's very shiny and very lovely to spin.  Bonus fact: it was dyed in an evolution, which is why you just saw three different colours there.  It moves from apricot to a dusty pink, with some purples and browns in between.

When I plied it, the shades matched up almost perfectly with very little barber pole action at the colour shifts.

If I wasn't so very tired of looking at this colour combination, and if I hadn't had to spin it to fine singles such that even plying took forever, I would have been super proud of myself.  Okay, I was anyway - you gotta take pride where you can find it, right?

When I was done the first round of plying - I was aiming for two 50-ish gram cakes - I wound it straight onto this handy tool because you don't need to block handspun for the project I had in mind.  

Then I wound the second into a ball, so that when I put it onto said tool later the colours would be reversed.

Yep, I am still determined to stick to my knitting planner, which includes one woven scarf every month from now till October, minimum.

How else can I bust through my stashed yarns and make space for more?

I'll show you how it all came out in a few days.  For now, let me just wish you a wonderful day in which you make progress toward a gratifying, if not stash-busting, goal of your own.  See you tomorrow!

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