Thursday, March 6, 2014

Six day socks

Safety Advisory: a pair of fingering-weight socks takes me a month to knit.  So if small disturbances to the fabric of time and reality are likely to impact your balance, you might want to sit down before reading further.

The story of the six day socks

On a recent statutory holiday, I curled up to watch the last of my Christmas-present DVDs - the 2009 BBC production of Bleak House - and two hours in I was horrified to discover I was all out of knitting, apart from the socks I most want to take on holiday this spring.

Yeah.  That's how much of Sock One I knit over the rest of the day, just watching Bleak House.  Normally I don't knit Vesper socks at home - as I mentioned the other day, they're my travel knitting - so it never occurred to me that I could get so far in just one day if I just sat down long enough.

Kind of got me thinking... mostly that it would be interesting not to cast on anything else just yet, but to keep working on these socks and see how long it took to finish them altogether.

Day Two of the experiment was a little disappointing, because I had to catch up on everything I'd neglected the day before.  I still made a dent in Sock Two, though...

... and on Day Three, I put in a (very) little more time on Sock One.

Day Four was frustrating.  I was only able to get a little bit farther on Sock Two, in spite of stealing time from every possible place all day long.  Isn't it annoying when life blocks you from getting anything fun done?

So I spent Day Five ignoring everything but Sock Two, to catch it up to Sock One.

And by the end of Day Six, owing to some serious neglect of other responsibilities, I had some finished socks to show for it all.

Of course, then I had to cast on the next bit of travel knitting.

Still: six days!  I still can't believe it.  If I just let myself knit socks, I would be caught up with my Vesper supply by summertime, or even sooner.  But I fear Hugs would become a pretty boring place, so I'll keep on with the duty knitting.

Do you ever have to make that kind of knitting choice?


Leslie said...

I love the socks! I've been knitting monogamously lately, which I don't usually do, and have finished 3 pairs of socks in 4 weeks. I'm astounded as these have had patterns to follow and everything. I have a week of spring break ahead of me starting on Saturday...some travel knitting in there too...I hope to get lots and lots finished!

Mary Keenan said...

Monogamous knitting like that is an excellent distraction, which is another perk for you. I am hugely jealous of your output... so obsessed with turning yarn into socks! Especially socks in spring colours. SO TIRED OF SNOW.

Susan Goromboly said...

Love your blog! I don't usually comment, but since you were knitting Vesper socks, I had to. It's all your fault that I'm ready to commit to yet another 3 months of receiving this wonderful sock yarn. I'm hooked and I have way more pairs of socks than I could ever wear. I have given a few as gifts and I even sold a couple pair to a friend for her to give as Christmas gifts. Love seeing the stripes come to life as I knit. Keep knitting and telling your stories.

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh, you're able to give some away!!! You're amazing :^) I have a friend who would love for me to knit her purple socks, and every time I have a Vesper with a good purple stripe or two in it, I think Now? and then talk myself into No, heh.