Monday, March 24, 2014

Knit planner progress: February

Planners can so easily fall by the wayside if they don't perform well, but the knitting one I adopted seems to be working out very well indeed... so I've stuck with it.  Here is how February looked behind the scenes at Hugs.

February's work list

the fingers on a pair of fingerless gloves
3 pairs of socks (!!)

Started and finished:
2 more pairs of socks
the sample for the Instant Love Hat pattern
spinning for a gift hat (more on this soon)
spinning for a scarf
weaving said scarf
2 cute owls

February time tally

Although I pulled off 62 knitting/weaving/spinning hours in January, I didn't expect to do more than that in February and would have been happy with 31.  In fact, I found it particularly hard to work on the mandatory woven scarf project and left it to the very end of the month (hello again, guilt!)  Still, the total I got when I added up the projects I worked on turned out to be 77 hours.  SEVENTY-SEVEN.

This must have something to do with that statutory holiday and the day I spent knitting the 6-day socks but still.  Wowza!  And also: no wonder my house is such a mess.


The big question is: am I still on track to knit all the stuff I wanted to finish this year?  And it's a fair one too, because even though put in a lot more than the minimum 31 hours necessary to make it all happen, I also added in a lot of projects that weren't on the list at all.

Answer: yep.  I need to put in about six hours a week on essentials, and although I didn't do any more than those six, I didn't do less.

Still, there's no way I can keep up this pace and this many off-list knits, particularly since March has turned out to feature a lot of me obsessing about fingering-weight sock knitting - I'm sure you hadn't noticed that at all - whenever I'm not writing.  (and, to be realistic, for much of that writing time also.)  Still, fun to try!

Hope you have fun with your projects today, and I'll see you tomorrow.


Jezz said...

You are a knitting machine! Everything looks so pretty, and you should be proud of the diversity of your work. What do you use for the warp in your scarves?

Mary Keenan said...

Jezz, this time is was a coordinating skein of Twisted Fiber Art Playful (it was a club colour - Apricot I think?) and last time it was the same yarn, different colour... I seem to have a lot more Twisted than I can ever get through by knitting, and Playful and Duchess (a DK weight) both stand up very well to the beating :^)

Jezz said...

Thanks for the info! Are you using the same size warp (a DK) as weft? I'm asking because one of my goals this year is to get my rigid heddle loom back out and produce something! And your scarves are so pretty.

Mary Keenan said...

I am sticking to matching weights, Jezz - even when I was spinning half of the scarf yarn, I spun to the weight of its counterpart. I tried using different weights early on in the weaving experiment and they just left such huge holes... might try again though, when I finally nail down the other skills. hey, that's me expressing confidence I can eventually pass muster with weaving!

Jezz said...

Of course you will! You will be Mary Keenan: Master Scarf Weaver AND Knitter.

Mary Keenan said...

Oh Jezz - you give me hope that I didn't waste my time buying that Weaver's Idea Book of fancy stuff I currently just look at and snort over ;^)