Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dyed in the wool colour, edible and otherwise

At this point in winter, I am about ready to eat colour.  All the more since we were battered by twelve hours of of all-white flakes on black everything else yesterday.  And since this rotten winter seems to have been a universal experience, I thought some reviving pictures of colourful roving (all from Twisted Fiber Art) and their edible alternatives might be in order today.

So: bring on the Moxie!

That right there is the summer-sunshiniest colour I know.  Not quite as scurvy-repelling as a bowl full of citrus bliss...

and definitely not as delicious.  For actual, physical consumption, I recommend a good orange.

Boreal makes me think of cool walks in summer forests - subdued, calming, rich colours. The kind that make you feel better just breathing in the air around them. 

 Yeah, I'd totally eat that roving.  Which is why it's good that vegetable chips are a thing that exists.

(I know, that long dried green bean looks awful, but it's not.  actually it's kind of sweet!)

Here's an extra deceptive one, inspired by red and green cabbages:

I quite enjoy a good cabbage, but if you don't and still want to eat Mon Petit Chou, there are always options in the salad department.

Baby sprouts and edible flowers: peppery and velvet yum.

Technical Note

You've seen all these roving colours before, but here's the difference: they're now torn into strips for spinning.  I doubt very much I can hold out till July's Tour de Fleece to get them onto my wheel, but the act of preparing them has totally made me think about warm summer mornings on the porch listening to birds and feeling a soft breeze...

ahhh, nice weather and unrealistic spinning deadlines, how I miss you.

What do you miss most at this time of year?


Jezz said...

Loved seeing your roving and food photos! I never thought of fiber that way, so I appreciate your creativity. I'm missing cold weather! I know you think I'm making fun of you, but we may not have another cold day where I live. I can provide the birds singing, breeze, and even flowers on the trees--so come on down with your wheel! I'd love to have someone to spin with.

Mary Keenan said...

Flowers on the trees too Jezz??? heaven!