Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Looking back: February weaving

Taking the last week of a month to celebrate a victory from the previous one can lead to a choice of two things.

weaving, handwoven scarf

1/ it can make you feel a complete failure for not getting anything similarly great done this month

2/ it can motivate you to achieve something even better in what few days remain.

And since I really feel the need to stick to my dream of weaving a scarf every month this year (except maybe in April because the schedule there is looking downright dire already) and am nowhere near finishing the one for March, I'm hoping for option two.

Here then is the February scarf:

handspun scarf

Which, as you may recall, got given away before it was even fully finished, along with the January scarf, which puts me not one bit closer to the dream of having some Christmas knits ready to go before the end of August.

twisted fiber art evolution scarf

As I wove this scarf, I was not overly excited about it.  Too preoccupied with trying to not mess up the sides, and too worried about getting it done at all before the month was out - two sorts of considerations that can ruin the fun of just about anything.

handspun yarn

Now, having taken some glamour shots, I'm quite impressed with it.  Probably it helped that it was a gusty day when I took these pictures, giving the scarf a chance to Do Its Stuff and be all drapey and flowy.

handspun scarf

In case you've forgotten how I tackled this one, I used a hardy sport weight solid yarn for the length and a coordinating handspun for drawing back and forth (I don't know why, I just really want to resist using the technical terms for these things.)  It's my first time trying handspun in a scarf and I'm so impressed with how it looks in the weave:

At this point in the scarf, the colours are very close to being the same, but just look at the change in texture with the handspun!  So cool.

And then there's the way the colour evolves over the length of the scarf, which is a little different from most scarves out there.  I think those two features make up for any imperfections in the actual execution, don't you?

Overall, I'm happy with it, and I almost wish I hadn't given it away already.  On the bright side, I have a TON more yarn stashed in this house, and a rather urgent need to turn it all into something functional.  So...

... I guess I'd better go polish off that March scarf, hadn't I?

Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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