Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The fingerless gloves with fingers in them

Yay: it's glamour shot day!

I don't know whether you've noticed, but I've been posting glamour shots on Wednesdays this year.  Keeps me on my toes, making sure I have something finished every week, though so far it's not making much of a dent in the stashed yarn.  H'mmmm.

Anyway, here we are, taking a proper look at the long-suffering fingerless gloves with fingers in them, knit from precious Viola fingering weight yarn.  The colourway is 'orchard' and it's such an evocative name (plus, evidently, I have no life outside this yarn obsession) I swoon every time I look hard at the colours. They look gorgeous whether the gloves are knit side out or purl, though I have to admit, I'm extremely partial to Purl Side Out for these guys.  Even with all the ends to run in on that side, the purls still look undisturbed.

In other respects though, I wish I'd done a better job on these.  Even though I should be grateful they're finished at all because - Viola.  Viola yarns deserve perfection.

The fact is, the fingers are all just a tiny bit too snug, and the thumb opening is way too big.  On the upside, in the extremely cold temperatures we've had this winter, I can still get away with bringing knits out to the porch and taking pictures of them, because they keep my hands just warm enough to operate the camera.

They are cosy and homey, and I can type in them, which has been useful because my desk stands in front of a window on an uninsulated wall at a windy corner.  BRRRRR.


Gwen likes them.  And if Gwen is happy, I'm happy.

Hope you're having a happy day today too and I'll see you tomorrow!

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