Monday, March 17, 2014

Matchy scarf and sock planning

Print scarves are such an awesome invention.  What else can keep your neck warm, make you look all tall and willowy, dress up the strap of a purse, sub in as a belt, or hold your hair back (if not hiding it completely) - and still be one thing? 

They're like purses, though.  No matter how perfect, one is just never going to fulfill all your accessory dreams.  I mean, they gotta match your handknit socks, right?   And if you go backwards and get the scarf first, you better be sure you knit socks to go with.

I know we covered this subject on the theme of travel planning, but like I said: one scarf is never going to cover everything (plus, they're tiny to pack!).  So I was thrilled to find the perfect new Vesper stripe - named Icicles, how timely - in the mail the day after I fell for that big square one.

The scarf is just great - lots of current bright spring colours around the border - and green in the middle, so my best colour will be closest to my face when I wear it.

In fact it's so perfect, I'm kind of regretting the decision to turn that last Vesper yarn into an ankle sock because look.

Sigh.  If a day is hot enough for ankle socks, it's too hot for a scarf.

But let's turn to happier thoughts, like this second new scarf, which is going to have a perfect match in some Vespers whose yarn I got ages ago and still haven't turned into socks.

This colour is sort of deep summer, isn't it - all orange and turquoise and mellow.  The yarn is called Kaleidoscope, and I think if I get busy, the combo would be amazing on a cool evening in June.

The key word there being 'busy'.  Maybe I should source some matching sandals, to free myself up for knitting something other than socks once in a while... h'mmm.  I'm so terrible at choosing between two different irresponsible behaviours.

Hope you have better luck on that front than me - today, anyway! and I'll see you tomorrow.


Shibanut said...

You can wear a scarf for sure all summer!! check this!

Mary Keenan said...

ohhh, thanks for the scarf link! the idea of wrapping a long thin scarf around the outside of a spaghetti strap to hang down in a knot at the neckline is especially smart for adding Zing (without adding heat to the back of your neck, heh)