Friday, May 2, 2014

Bad things happen when you don't buy yarn

I missed the Knitter's Frolic this year.  For the first time in ages.  And it was mostly on purpose, though I did have some help.

I mean, at first I was supposed to go with Trish, but then her weekend filled up and she could only go for the first 20 minutes after lining up forever before 9am, and that wasn't gonna work for a girl who has to be up before 6 every other day of the week, aka me.

Then Lynn scored a seat on a bus that was coming in for the event, and let me know, and meeting up with her seemed like a pretty good reason to head over.  But another three tasks fell into my already-solidly-booked weekend and that sucked up any remaining free time (while pushing several other activities into multitasking mode.)

At the back of all that though was this underlying Don't Buy More Yarn objective.  I know you know that I'm still trying not to buy more yarn, after accidentally on purpose signing up for four different yarn clubs and totally running out of yarn storage space here at home.  Instead I'm trying to knit through all the yarn I have already.

But guess what?  Bad things happen when you go too long without going out and actively buying yarn and/or fiber, as opposed to having it show up in surprise form in your mailbox.

(pretty colours, yes?)

Bad things like: buying new clothes.  And also, if you are as big a sucker for accessories as I am, non-handknit, non-handwoven scarves.

Even though you might have a loom and/or knitting needles at home just begging to be put to that use.

Mind you, sometimes good things happen too, like getting a handmade scarf in the mail from a friend (thanks Leslie!)

And sometimes that scarf will match another of your new sweaters.

You need to know I'm being a good girl here and not photographing everything I've bought in the last three weeks.  I'm showing you the coral linen sweater,

and the ridiculously oversized grey fleck silk sweater,

and not the black denim cotton, black/grey merino stripe V-neck, or black linen lace sweaters, or the or any of the linen/cotton sleevless tunic Ts or even the three sleeveless linen blouses, one of which has a cowl neck which is going to be completely counterproductive on a hot day.  Or the three pairs of linen pants, or the new jeans.  Or the sandals.  But probably you will see the new walking shoes in a future post because they are sort of relevant to handknit socks.

Nope, I'm not showing you any of that because I am so ashamed of myself.  I just want to be sure you get the message of my cautionary tale, which is that...

... if you see yarn you like this weekend, even if you don't think you need any, you should maybe break down and buy it.

See you back here on Monday, when we're going to celebrate an even more special anniversary than five years of Hugs!


Leslie said...

Love your new acquisitions! I'm always surprised at how good my work looks when it's not in my hands anymore :) Enjoy wearing looks amazing with that sweater!

Mary Keenan said...

Really loving it, Leslie!

Mary Keenan said...
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