Friday, May 16, 2014

What happens when you ignore yarn for too long

Today is all about the dangerously blue yarn that I left sitting at the top of a basket of skeins I thought I might get to before October.

It looks so innocent and squeezable, doesn't it?  But don't be fooled.

The basket was sitting in the living room for a long time, and then I thought it might be a good idea to tidy up, so I moved it to the room where my desk is.  Because yes, the basement room where I usually keep my yarn is still out of commission until it is totally flood proof and re-floored which should happen before June is very old but doesn't help me right now.  Since I go back and forth from my desk a few dozen times a day, you can imagine how much I was seeing the dangerous blue yarn.

After a little while I thought: I really want to cake that stuff and knit it.  But since it was total chaos here with packing, writing, and knitting a ton of travel socks on top of the usual round of daily delights, I knew there wasn't any time for that job at all.

So I mostly ignored the yarn, and somehow it seemed to get bigger and bigger until it was all I could see in my path every time I got up for another cup of tea.  It's just... not a good idea to ignore yarn when it's doing that.

One weekend morning when I was really down to the wire for my deadlines, I decided to ignore them lest the blue yarn expand enough to fill the entire room.  I got out the swift and caked the stripey yarn that goes with the blue one...

and then I divided that cake evenly into two for socks...

and then I caked the blue that's been calling to me and which I wanted to use for sock heels...

and then I was good for a while.   Until I got back from Boston, anyway.

It's the Downton colourway from Twisted Fiber Art, getting knit up into a nice sensible man sock I won't need till the fall but: azure blue! I bet you wouldn't have resisted either.

The needles are a departure for me: 4" glove needles recycled from piano keys.  They are a little blunt and not super slick, and I love them.  How they're going to cope with all the bonus stitches on a heel gusset is something I can't begin to guess though, because wow is 4" short.

And now you know what I'm doing this weekend: audiobooks and blue stripies.

What about you?  Make it something fun, and I'll see you back here again on Monday!

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