Monday, May 26, 2014

Knitting black and blue

For all that I complain about knitting a ribbing stitch - something that continental knitters probably never do because the back and forth is so much easier if you hold the working yarn in your left hand - I don't mind it one bit in sport weight yarn.

Especially nice squashy stuff like Playful, from Twisted Fiber Art, which is thankfully not one of the yarns that's being discontinued in July.  (Sadly this is a former club colour - Downton - and not currently being dyed to order.)  I don't know whether the trouble with fingering rib is that there are so many more stitches to work, or so much less yarn to cling on to as you go, but I'm glad to find that it doesn't translate upward on the yarn weight scale.
Another thing I am really admiring with these socks is the heel gusset.

It's the same one I always do, but somehow with the blue stitches serving as the base for the pickup and the grey stitches starting the side of the heel - it feels so neat and perfect.

In spite of my best efforts and the socks getting off to a really good start, I haven't been able to keep the stripes the same for each foot:

Something funny happened for one of them on the second repeat of the grey stripe.  But it's only really going to show while I'm knitting it, so I'm not fussing.

What's worth fussing about:

A missing needle.  Seriously, after all my years of not losing needles, I've somehow dropped one of the 10 recycled piano-key ones I'm using for these socks.  It's not the end of the world, because I can still knit both and just keep moving the spare working needle between them, but it could be the end of the world because I'm pretty sure the only time I could have dropped it was that evening I was sick and knitting in bed.  Mostly now I drift off to sleep waiting for the Ow, and grateful these things aren't super pointy.

One other thing I should mention about these socks is how great they would look as fingerless gloves.

Don't you think?

I'll tell you what I think, apart from "mittens are a dangerous subject":  We should all go have a great start to our week, be it knitting inclusive or otherwise!  Take care of yourself today and I'll be back to see you again tomorrow.

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