Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to wear handknit twinkle lights

Glamour shot day!

I only ever seem to be knitting one thing at the moment (three guesses what) and yet I seem to spend time every weekend photographing something that is finished.  You know, out on the porch where passersby can see how weird that looks.

Sometimes the foot traffic - couldn't resist - is a good thing though.  Beth walked by while I was taking pictures of my Twinkle Slights socks, and by utter coincidence she was wearing the socks I gave her after I made them the wrong size for me.

Yay, different sock shot. And also: cool shoes, Beth!

What a gloriously sunny day it was that day.  It's sunny again today too, and I can tell spring is coming at last because yesterday hayfever descended upon me.  It wasn't nearly so pretty as these socks.

Once again, the stripes line up extremely well...

and the ankle bit came out very close to the same...

and of course, they are super comfy.

You'd think that after knitting so many socks that have these identical, what-I-wanted features, I'd be tearing off a limb from the sheer boredom of success, but No.  In fact I was just reflecting this morning as I looked for a pair of stripey Vesper socks in the drawer that I really need to knit faster because somehow all my Vesper socks are in the wash, except for two pairs, neither of which match what I'm wearing.  SUCH a hardship.

(but seriously: how do all the socks end up in the wash at the same time??  it's not like I never do laundry.)

I never get tired of the Mannequin sock pose.  It just reminds me so much of the old sock displays you used to see in shops, with muted old brown or black socks, and it always makes me smile to see crazy bright stripes instead.

These are technically Christmas socks, and I will certainly wear them as such next December, but they are also the same pink as one of my spring scarves, and the yellow reminds me of daffodils, so I have been wearing this particular pair on purpose to be cheerful.  In spite of the onset of hayfever.

And now I think I will stop boring you with socks shots.  No, really!  Okay - not really - but the feverish stage of my obsessive sock knitting is pretty much over and I will be moving on to other projects today, in my mind at least.  So there will be something other than Vesper Sock stripes to look at next week.

I didn't post a tweet yesterday but I will tomorrow, and then I'll see you back here on Friday.  Meanwhile: knit well and take care of yourself!

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