Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In which I am thankful for socks... again

I am pretty tempted to rip out the Kitchener stitch closure of these socks and redo it, but otherwise...

... I love them so much.  And also, can you believe how much paint has worn off that porch?  Criminy, when I think of all the scraping I used to do to prep it for a fresh coat, it's a shame I'm not painting it this summer.  I'd be done in no time.

I won't need to wear these socks - Thankful colourway, Vesper sock club - for months now, but when I do, they will match my orange linen sweater perfectly, and also my purple linen tunic blouse, both of which will be the perfect weight for early fall temperatures.  And for later fall temperatures, under a jacket, which I really hope will not be the same black rain jacket I've been wearing the last few years because frankly: I am tired of looking at that thing.

Also at the decrepit state of the porch, but there is just no point in painting it when it's going to be replaced, even if the replacement is going to take another full year to happen because there is also no point in rebuilding a porch right before the house it's attached to gets rebuilt as well.

But back to less scary subjects, like apparel, and also, to people other than me.

You know why it's lucky if you knit and weave and have bright neck things to wear?  Because as practical as black is for raincoats and tops and pants and boots, you can get to looking pretty depressing if that`s all you end up wearing.  Colour is good.

You know what else is neat?  How far down your heel the turning part happens on a sock.  You can see the seam in orange there, where the fancy short turns happen, right before you pick up stitches from the side of the heel flap.  I keep thinking that part should be lined up with the very back of your heel, instead of all the way under it, but no.

Man, the stuff you take for granted once you're actually wearing a sock.  You do all that work bringing it to life, and once it's done, it lives that life out as a hardwearing part of your arsenal against cold and discomfort without much more thought from the person who's walking around in it.  Kind of sad, kind of nice.

But always cosy.

See you tomorrow for another speed post!

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