Thursday, May 22, 2014

Match the knitting to the knittee

A few weeks ago a yarn sample turned up in the mail that I thought Lannie would love.  I was right!

Not only did Lannie love the colour,

it matched her manicure (and her coat!)

I looked it up and this colour: Crush, from Twisted Fiber Art, is not currently in production.  Cue the sads.

But then this other sample came in the mail, from the current club, which means I could order it if I want when the club is done.

Rapunzel, also from Twisted.  And it's even got purple in it.

In related news, Twisted is discontinuing some yarns and fibers in just a few weeks, on July 1.  Normally this sort of thing doesn't affect me because I see it as Less Temptation.  But this time: ow.  Duchess is going - the DK weight superwash wool I've used for ever so many hats and cowls and socks.  And my favourite blue-faced leicester roving that is so wonderful to spin.  And two other rovings I like a lot as well.  So instead of being Less Temptation to buy yarn, this plus the purple/pink Rapunzel is making me think More. (more more more more more!)

So, if I knit something for Lannie anytime soon, it will probably not be a surprise.

(yes, I know it is ridiculous to think of buying even more yarn.  totally, utterly ridiculous.  go have a good day chuckling about how ridiculous I am, if only to cover the sound of yarn purchasing.)

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