Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The same but different: knitting edition

The other day I confused the girl at the grocery checkout by calling a nectarine an apricot when she tried to confirm the code for this one random fruit in my basket.

Look, it's a tiny baby socklit! and it matches that maple blossom.

Her: You're sure this is an apricot?

Me: No, sorry.  Nectarine.  There was a lot of indecision in the fruit section today.

Her: Do not apologize.  I am indecisive at the fruit section every day.  I'm there staring, and the guys who work over there say, Just have your usual, and I say No, no.

Me: Because you want something different, right?

Her: Exactly.

Me: And then you end up getting the same thing anyway, right?

Her: Exactly.

Chomp that maple blossom, tiny socklit monster.

Funny how I knew what she was talking about, huh?  I mean, it's not as though I don't keep on knitting socks all. the. time.

(tell you what though, I feel a mitten jag coming on, big time.  stay tuned.)

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