Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sometimes, the day hands you a Yay

I didn't mention this at the time, but a few weeks ago I got an e-mail asking me for a photograph of one of my hats.  It had to be at a particular range of resolution, for print purposes.

See that little speck of colourful hat over there to the right of that cover of Vogue Knitting's Holiday edition for 2014?

And see how I didn't type the last part of that question in caps?  (well, I did actually, but then I did some deep breathing and retyped it.)

Having grown up as a knitter on a steady diet of Vogue Knitting, I couldn't believe that e-mail.  And reading what Kerry Wills wrote up for the Web column, all I can think of is how I got yarn as a Christmas present and spent much of the rest of that day and the next curled up between the tree and the movies on television, tinkering with the pattern she liked enough to mention.

Had I but known.  Isn't it great when knits take us out a little further into the world?

(oh, and incidentally, you might want to pick up that particular issue for the patterns because Yum.)

Short post today: trying to fit in some writing time after a long break spent hunting for another place to live for a bit.  SO glad that job's done!  Hope you have a breakthrough on one of your projects today and I'll see you tomorrow.


Laurinda said...

OMG how exciting! & I thought Vogue only printed patterns that were too hard for me! I've always felt I was reading an 'Important Knitting the Designer' blog

Mary Keenan said...

heh... Vogue usually does run a section of super easy knits but I always loved how the tougher ones challenge me to do more!