Friday, July 24, 2015

10 elegant ways to blow your nose

Last weekend I succumbed to a flea market where I found some cute textiles, including a tiny parcel of ten vintage handkerchiefs.

I love old handkerchiefs, don't you?  they are so elegant and colourful and soft, or some combination thereof.  Sometimes even embroidered!

Also: if you do have a cold, they are SO much easier on your nose than even the softest tissue.  And easier on the environment.  Even with the endless washing (which is less endless if you are buying them ten at a time.)  Of course, sometimes it's hard to get the stains out...

This one really looks like it's been used a few times, doesn't it?  Such an unfortunate colour choice.  Actually, it's in mint condition.

I can never bring myself to use a vintage handkerchief for its intended purpose, so I'm always looking for craft ideas.  This Pinterest link from Bumblebee Linens offers quite a few.

Mainly 'make a sachet', 'sew it on a cushion', 'wrap a gift in it', and so on - but still.  Craft ideas!  And Bumblebee Linens' own site offers more.

Good Housekeeping pulled together some cute ideas too - valance, bunting, table runner (I've seen that before, but it really is a good one.)

I was excited for this classic blue plaid one, which would make an awesome pocket square.  Pete is all about the pocket squares in his suits, as are some other guys I know. 

I know an Anne who might like this one with the big embroidered 'A' in pale pink, though it might be a bit bumpy for nose-blowing...

I can guarantee you one thing though: here's a hanky on which I would never blow my nose.  It is my absolute favourite.  I've never seen an autumn leaves print like this. So, so pretty.  And Canadian, with all these maple leaves!

Do you look for old handkerchiefs when you go to second hand shops?

It's Friday, isn't it - I think I missed my window for posting here yesterday, which is something of a pun because my down time was busy with Window Pondering.  We have to order ours soon for the house, and we are trying to balance energy efficiency, appearance, and cost.  It's much much harder to do that than it is to commit to blowing your nose on an incredibly beautiful and soft old cloth, I can tell you that for free, and I've had these things for a week while suffering from hayfever!

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful weekend, and I'll see you here on Monday, okay?


Linda said...

Oh I love all of these! I used to have some - don't know what happened to them!

Linda in VA

Mary Keenan said...

Maybe you'll find them at the very moment you come across a great idea for what to do with them :^)