Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another (ready-made!) needle organizer

Omigosh, omigosh! There is a company that makes see-through needle organizers and tote bags for projects. Which, I can't help notice, have handles. I suppose these are meant for carrying, but my first thought was


I don't normally shout but I'm feeling a little excitable today, because yesterday I thought I should relax with some non-knitting reading material and picked up the latest copy of Harrowsmith Country Life.

So much for non-knitting prose: there on the cover was the headline "Spin Wool The Natural Way"*. I'm talking 8 pages of lush photographs - sheep (pre- and post-shearing), a gorgeous handknit sweater on the author as she feeds same, dyed skeins of wool, bags of freshly-shorn fleece, spinning... lots and lots of spinning. I don't spin, but fate is conspiring to make me wanna.

Then, right at the end, when I was well and truly smitten, there was mention of a certain gathering of knitters and spinners and weavers in April, where one might shop. So you can see how a see-through, highly-portable project bag perfect for road tripping might make me jump up and click my heels, yes?

* what exactly is the unnatural way? maybe it's better for me not to know.

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