Friday, March 6, 2009

The chemo caps are coming in!

Susan is in first with two seriously cute hats she made using Julie Hentz's pretty lace-edged hat, and she's allowed me to share this pic in case some interested knitters are looking for a good pattern for the challenge.

I still haven't started my freebie chemo cap pattern but I did finish the Softy hat last night when I should have been working (I'm really, really sorry Karen! I will make up for it on the weekend, I promise.) Here's the work in progress:

... more rustic than the laciness above, but very warm, hence the urgency - it's going to be 14 degrees C later today and I would otherwise have had to wait till October to wear it. However, I will be waiting anyway because shortly after I took this picture the hat was misdirected into dudsville! I knew I got out the qiviut too soon.

And now that I've got all of that out of my system and have had my due measure of chastenedness, I will knuckle down like a good editor. You know, the kind who doesn't stop for hot chocolate at 10 or anything.

(so much more civilized to wait till 10:15, don't you think?)

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