Monday, March 23, 2009

What to do with the roving?

A while back I bought a Fleece Artist thrummed mitten kit. Well, I bought two, and made one, and having done that I feel less inspired to make the other - they're fun and pretty but not nearly as warm as I thought and the person for whom I was going to make them probably wouldn't wear them much.

No problem: I'll use the yarn for something else. It's a beautiful blue in a solid that mostly says denim but hints at purple. The roving, also stunning, was dyed to match with the same blue and some red. And that is a problem. Because that roving is absolutely meant for that yarn, and I feel I should use them together in some way.

So I'm opening the suggestion box again for ideas for the roving. I don't spin and since Kathi has already warned me it's addictive, I don't dare try - the current novel project is coming along slowly enough as it is, thank you. And while I'm keen to try needlefelting, this is a whole hank of roving, possibly too much to use up in one bag project, though I'm very interested in making the swirly-patterned purse in Kathi's I Heart Felt.

Which leaves... what? Are there other thrummable projects? other than a hat, which would be beyond puffy. Can you wet felt a piece of roving into cloth? Does it make a nice bow for long hair? I'm perplexed, people, and just a few steps from flummoxed!


Kathleen Taylor said...

I made a pair of thrummed tube socks for the new sock book- they're totally comfy and soft.

Interesting thing to do with roving: you can strip it into long lengths and knit with it, unspun. I don't love doing that, but the effect is lovely.

You can absolutely wet felt it into cloth- lay small strips horizontally on your surface, then lay vertical strips on top of that, and continue to layer in the same manner as long as you can, then dribble dish soap on top of it and a little water, and plunge in, rubbing and squeezing with your hands. It takes awhile, once it starts to firm up, you can rinse in cold water and reapply the soap and continue on. You'll have a nice piece of felted fabric at the end (and really really clean hands).

Or you could just buy a drop spindle and give in to the madness.

Bernadette said...

I really like this especially with the split on the front side. I hope to make it for this winter. I have always been south in the winter but will not this year so need winter things. This will be lovely. Thanks so much

Mary Keenan said...

Staying in the cold weather is a common problem this year, I know! Hope the special new warm things make it more comfortable Bernadette :^)