Monday, March 9, 2009

Yarn-winding gone comfy

I'm not so much a fan of pacing around a chair to wind yarn - however luscious that yarn might be, and lately it has been - and I'm still unsure about the whole ball-winder thing - which model, do I really want a swift too, etc. - so I've figured out a way to wind a skein while sitting in bed with a book propped up on my knees, reading.

Why a bed? because it doesn't have an arm to bother the skein as it hangs, bracelet-like, from one's wrist. Yep, it's that simple: your arm becomes the chair back, and your left hand the You, Pacing. And the book has to have loose binding; the average paperback novel is not going to cooperate.

Don't be alarmed by this picture, which is only a demonstration and a poor one at that given the yarn colour against the fireplace. You don't really have to hold your arm this high.

About a million ball-winder-resistant knitters have been doing this for weeks, right? But if you're not one of them, give it a try. Maybe it's not quite so simple with a clingy yarn, but my silk/merino blends didn't get sticky till the end when it really didn't matter much, and I don't find winding clingy yarn off the back of a chair such a walk in the park either.

I bet it's easier to find the patience to address any knots or other altercations when you haven't just been walking around a chair for ten minutes, too.


Monali Mishra said...

Hi.I just stumble across your blog while searching ways to wind yarn into balls.Your idea is so simple and effective,i am going to try this too.Thanks a lot for this.And,i am so in love with your knitted are a very skilled knitter. :) I wish i can do knitting like you,but i am more a crocheter and i love doing amigurumies. ;)

Monali Mishra said...

Oh,i for got to say,your victor is so adorable...specially with yarn balls...