Wednesday, March 25, 2009

There's something about a sontag...

I've been reading No Idle Hands - a history of knitting, essentially - and coming across pictures of women in a very sensible wrap I thought would solve my vest issues. Like, I'm cold all the time at home, sleeves are too much, I don't have any vests at the moment, and I haven't found a design I feel like making.

Then I picked up Piecework Magazine at Stitch, and saw that the March/April 2009 issue has a pattern for that very thing! so I bought it.

I can see how this garment went out of favour. Crossing the front in an X, and tying tight at the waist at the back, corset-free women could only look good in this thing if they're built like Barbie. Still. So practical! I expect to go on being torn about them for some time. I'll try to spare you the agonies, 'kay?

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