Thursday, March 5, 2009

I fell into a yarn shop and

... you know what happened next. Worst of all, it wasn't even a yarn shop but The Flying Dragon bookshop in Toronto. They have the most gorgeous yarns! As someone there said to me, the yarn selection may be small, but hopefully mighty, and they certainly are that.

What seems to happen to me when I go into this store is that some colour or other jumps out at me and I am so bewitched that I buy it without a clue what I'll do with it. Then I get home and take off my coat and scarf and unpack the yarn and there you go, it matches the scarf , the one I bought at Liberty on a wonderful trip to London a few years back and put on at the slightest hint of an excuse.

So here's today's question: which of these yarns looks better with the scarf?

The Aurocania Toconao?

or the Dream In Color Softy?

It's both, isn't it. I'm going to end up with 15 hats for one scarf, aren't I.*



Mary Keenan said...

ohhhhh... I just finished swatching the Softy in a really nice stitch and I am in love and am going to cast on for a hat that will probably make freebieland before the chemo cap will, which is Very Bad of me, I know.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Both are beautiful, but if I had to choose one, I'd go with the variegated.