Thursday, March 12, 2009

A yarn bell option, and a vote

Swatches complete
Patterns not quite sorted
Alternate knitting project picked up so as to facilitate viewing of an early Hitchcock film and then Life.

Life I can watch without needing to look at the screen in the middle of a tricky bit, but I don't dare miss a thing with Hitchcock. In this one, the male lead was John Gielgud, before the Sir happened - I could barely recognize him as a spy romancing a spy!

But back to the swatches. A funny thing happened when I got out the pink and cream-coloured yarns: I remembered I have little Tupperware tubs the perfect size to hold them, totally solving the icky Ziploc plastic sound resulting from the other detangling solution I tried. The tubs aren't so portable out of the house, but they work better and stay quiet. Bonus discovery: I have one the right size (and colour!) to match the second yarn I want to try. So it's yet another Tupperware festy at my house*.

Once I work out the math I'll get moving on the chemo cap pattern ideas. Both will be freebies, but probably only one will make it onto the site before the end of this month's Chemo Cap Challenge - so if you have an urgent preference for one over the other, leave a comment or e-mail me. I'll get right onto whichever appeals the most. Your choices:

Mirasol Nuna, a summertime blend of wool, silk, and bamboo

Malabrigo, of the soft and floopy wool

*Disclaimer: I do not work for Tupperware or even have friends over to buy it. I am just a sucker for organizational aids and my friend Rosa throws really a good party.

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